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Mouthscape is a chamber choir focusing on championing new choral works with special emphasis on works by composers within the San Francisco Conservatory of Music community. Founded in Fall 2017 by Lukáš Janata in collaboration with Bryan Lin, Bobby Chastain, Eric Choate, John Masko, Joshua Saulle, David Conte and students, the ensemble gave their premiere performances on January 24, 2018 and at the Hot Air Festival on February 25, 2018. By May 2018, ensemble encountered 5 performances, gave 10 premieres and sung over 25 choral works by both international and SFCM community composers. The vision of the group is to emphasize vocal writing on an academic campus, to promote new choral music by commissioning composers in the community, to help student composers, to be helpful to the school’s departments and to have a pedagogical impact on the importance of choral music. Because our members have highly diverse choral backgrounds, Mouthscape strives to unify different musicians into a collective, thus creating both a musical and social community.

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San Francisco, California